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Finally a gluten-free pizza !... that's not only anti-inflammatory but also loaded with nutritious goodness from the crust that is flourfree (blood-sugar friendly) & made from superfoods of quinoa, millet & chia seeds.

Plus you also get to enjoy your cruciferous vegetable in the form of cauliflower just by biting into the crust. Cruciferous vege is known for its anti-carcinogen detox benefits.


RM 17.90



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    BK Foo 2016-06-08 14:17:39

    At first I was doubtful whether the small size of the pizza will fill me up, but after eating it (it is delicious), and a cup of black java...ahh...I feel satiated. Slightly more chicken could be better though. Any chance to experiment with cauliflower as the crust?

    • Sinde Lo
      Sinde Lo 2016-06-09 10:36:51

      Noted! Will put more in more chicken next time. Thanks for your feedback! I like the word 'satiated'. You are spot on once again! For me, the feeling of satiated is different from full. Satiated means we feel satisfied after a meal. Full just means our stomach is well ...full, not actualy quite satisfied ; ) Big portion meal will giv feeling of fullness. Nutrient-dense meals will giv feeling of satiated. This pizza is very nutrient-dense as it has quite a no. of superfoods (superfoods r defined by its nutrient density & also quality+variety of nutrients) in the pizza base. For weight-loss goals, we should be eating more nutrient -dense meals & forget about counting calories, its too tedious & make us giv up after a while (thats my opinion). Satiety will automatically portion control for us. The base is made up of superfoods like quinoa, millet, chia-seed & cauliflower (yes there is cauliflower in this pizza). Guess this is a 'hybrid' pizza ; ). I hav tried a cauliflower pizza sans the other ingredients but i found out that cauliflower taste & smell awful actualy : ( Sorry for my 'long-winded' replies. I shld start a blog actualy...

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    Sharon Lim Lok Mien 2016-07-02 21:55:10

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