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From write-up in MarieClaire review -
"Everybody loves the taste of Pesto but unfortunately not the heaviness & oiliness that comes with the cheese & the amount of oil used.

This is a more LIGHTER & REFRESHING version.
This vegan twist to Pesto still retains the dressing's delicious flavour. This version also keeps its core traditional ingredients of pine nuts & basil, in their raw form, not roasted, therefore protecting the nutritious & health properties of pine & basil intact.

Pine nuts have 1 of the richest source of manganase, an important antioxidant co-factor in our body. Do you also know that it has the highest protein content of any nuts? The protein in pine nuts together with its magnesium properties help to give us the much needed energy boost in today's demanding world. And we are refering to a 'clean' source of energy booster!

Basil has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, anti-viral properties & even anti-cancer properties. The eugenol & rosmarinic acid in basil can help to boost up sluggish moods thru its effects on our happy hormones serotonin & dopamine, reducing our reliance on caffeine.

Seaweed is added to complement this salad not only with a savoury taste but also for its quality protein. Seaweed is also 1 of the few foods that contains iodine & this is important to counter the goitrogens in most vege which can deplete our body's iodine, especially for those with thyroid concerns.

All in all, besides great taste, a lot of thoughts has put been in my meal creations to give you a balanced meal"

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  • Avatar

    Jennifer Tennant 2016-05-17 13:57:41

    Amazingly light and tasty!

    • Sinde Lo
      Sinde Lo 2016-05-22 11:47:04

      Thanks once again Jennifer! So happy that you enjoyed this salad too!

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