Hormone-free boneless Chicken Thigh or Chicken Breast grilled to retain the succulence of the meat. The chicken is marinated overnight in a special fragrant sauce of Bragg's Amino, garlic, coriander seeds, pepper & kaffir lime leaves.

Served with Brown Rice with Black rice added.
Black rice is rare but very nutritious; high in dietary fiber, minerals & the only rice that contain anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant normally found in dark fruits & vege, known for its anti-inflammary, anti-cancer & heart protective benefits. Its anthocyanins content gram for gram is more than blueberries.

RM 16.50



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    Paul Gan 2016-10-12 15:36:22

    The chicken was very tasty and juicy. As for the brown rice, you can eat it on its own - but of course, it went very well with the tomato-chilli sauce!

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