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STRESS draining you up?

Need to amp up your energy yet stick to clean-eating? Another LIGHTER & DELICIOUS, RAW (ie. not processed) version of a popular creamy dressing, minus the heaviness of cheese!

With core ingredients like pinenuts, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, this vegan Caesar dressing is high in complex Bs (especially B1 & B12) & tryptophan to protect you from the effects of stress.

Our light croutons are made from flour-free bread with sprouted seeds & grains made by Adventis Bakery for us exclusively. Since this a vegan salad, seaweed is added for the savoury taste plus its clean protein content.
Another balanced meal from my kitchen

(All our vege are either Organic or rinsed in a Fruit & Vege Plant-based solution to remove off pesticides)

RM 20.80


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    Annie 2016-05-10 01:27:31

    Nice and fresh

    • Sinde Lo
      Sinde Lo 2016-05-13 19:45:28

      Again thanks so much for your favourable reiview. Hope you felt the anti-stress factor & satisfying effect ("nutritiously") of this salad! Vege that has no pesticides will always taste fresher.

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