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The most CHALLENGING recipe to create by far, my gluten-free pizzas being 2nd.

I love creamy dressings, creamy sauces but I don't like the heaviness of cheese & the use of cream & the loads of sugar that comes with it. And I love carbonara pasta the most, so why not just make a healthier vegan version just like I did with vegan caesar & vegan pesto. But I struggled with vegan carbonara, about 3 1/2 months to be exact.

Somehow all the vegan recipes that I researched falls short on assimilating the distinct pungent cheese taste of carbonara. My breakthrough came thru my vegan DijonTahini salad dressing, when I realised it can be the base for the pungent carbonara taste that I want. So I added some healthy nutritional yeast to improve on the cheesiness & hey presto, I finally have a healthy vegan carbonara for me & everybody to enjoy!!

Besides broccoli or cauliflower on the side, this pasta also comes with Organic savoury tofu cubes for more protein & more bite!

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