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Enjoy a LIGHTER & FLAVORFUL vegan version of Ranch dressing!
YUMYUM! A bed of Salad in Rainbow colors dressed in silky Vegan Ranch!

A flavorful Ranch dressing?.. you may ask.
In my attempt to make a healthier vegan version of Ranch, who would have guess it endup bursting with real flavors compared to store-bought Ranch.

Why a healthier Ranch? According to LIVESTRONG.COM, it's a best selling dressing but NOT the healthiest, as just 1 serving of Ranch contribute to about 10% of daily calories, 30% of daily fat values & half of daily sodium requirement!... indication of a highly processed dressing indeed!

Ingredients for this wholesome Lighter Vegan Ranch are REALFOODS such as organic soyamilk, virgin coconut oil, homemade vegan mayonaise, garlic, green onions, applecider vinegar, freshly ground black pepper

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