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    Madonna JGomez 2016-03-02 13:55:53

    Enjoyed this very much. Would have been great if could eat it hot when it came but too early at 11am!

    • Sinde Lo
      Sinde Lo 2016-03-20 17:06:55

      Thanks Madonna! Because of your comment, I have since only packed the soup when the rider arrives. On the 11am being too early, this is due to logistics. I do not have control over logistics neither do the riders as Yumcious gets orders from foodies from different locations, ordering from cooks at different locations everyday. On the bright side, this actualy work to your benefit as Yumcious do not have 'zoning' currently. THis means you have more choices as you can order from every cooks listed in Yumcious! : )

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