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Instead of rice, in this meal you will get to enjoy fat-burning complex carbs of quinoa, buckwheat & millet which are also complete plant-based protein.
I cook the mixed quinoa using organic soy milk & virgin coconut oil NOT coconut milk , making it probably the LOWEST CALORIE 'Nasi Lemak' in town!
Comes with homemade sambal(of course), a side pickle salad & a delicious vege dish of organic pumpkin & cauliflower cooked in organic soya, smashed avocado, turmeric, cayenne & other spices to satisfy your spicy cravings the vegan way!

(For the record, I don't have anything against coconut milk as long as it is "cold-pressed' & not over-cooked. But for the sake of those looking for low calories meal, I opt for organic soya in this dish instead)

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    Madonna JGomez 2016-03-10 13:48:02

    Too much turmeric & a bit dry.

    • Sinde Lo
      Sinde Lo 2016-03-20 17:19:14

      Appreciate your feedback on this. Since then I have diluted the gravy & reduce the amount of turmeric. By the way the gravy is blended with organic soya milk, turmeric (of course), cayenne & smashed avocado. I add to it a bit of herbs to enhance the taste & also a very special msg-free/glutamate-free salt from Japan.

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